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About Bonita

Meet Bonita Harrison, the remarkable Chief Executive Officer and lead developer of Sunshine Management. Hailing proudly from Chicago, Bonita's roots lie in the vibrant South Side of the city. Her educational journey led her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, followed by a prestigious full-ride scholarship for a Master of Science in Mathematics.

Under Bonita's guidance, her exceptional team has made significant contributions to the South Side of Chicago. Their endeavors include the development of over 100 units, which have not only revitalized distressed and underperforming properties but also created 300 jobs for local businesses owned by individuals from diverse backgrounds such as people of color, aging citizens, returning citizens, and women entrepreneurs. These efforts have resulted in an impressive $25 million increase in wealth within the Black community and an annual tax revenue of $250,000.

One of Bonita's notable achievements was spearheading a coalition of five black developers in the "Buy Back the Block" initiative in the West Woodlawn community. This impactful endeavor garnered widespread media coverage due to its catalytic influence on the community and the preservation of black culture.

Bonita's exceptional work has been acknowledged through numerous accolades and media recognition. In 2018, she became the first woman and first black person to be honored as the Developer of the Year by The Cook County Land Bank. Since then, she has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as the Chicago Sun-Times Real Estate section, Essence Magazine, Crain's Magazine, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, Telemundo, WGN, WBEZ, CBS, and various other media outlets. The Chicago Urban League and many others have also acknowledged her remarkable impact in BIPOC communities.

Passionate about bridging the equity gap in BIPOC communities, Bonita has even extended her family's involvement in the development industry, empowering her sister, brother, and 26-year-old daughter to become real estate developers. Through her guidance and support, she has helped professionals from various backgrounds, including electrical tradesmen, carpenters, laborers, and dentists, transition into successful real estate developers.

Collaboration forms the bedrock of Bonita's success, as she firmly believes in the power of working together to effect positive change. Her unwavering commitment to revitalizing communities and empowering individuals continues to make a lasting impact in the lives of many.

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